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Edited Volumes

  Wilken, P., Bayne, T., & Cleeremans, A. (Eds.) (under contract).
The Oxford Companion to Consciousness.
Oxford University Press
Cleeremans, A. (Eds.) (2003).
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info... symposium information

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info... meeting abstracts
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Current directions in implicit learning.
Special issue of Psychologica Belgica, 37
info... meeting abstracts

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Brussels: The Belgian Psychological Society.
info... meeting abstracts

Book Chapters

Cleeremans, A. & Dienes, Z.(in press).
Computational Models of Implicit Learning
In Sun, R. (Ed.), The Cambridge Handbook of Computational Modeling, Cambridge University Press
info... 256K .pdf
  Cleeremans, A. (in press & in french).
Hans le Malin: Les Sciences Cognitives à la croisée des chemins
Editions de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles
info... 44K .pdf
  Cleeremans, A. (2006).
Conscious and unconscious cognition: A graded, dynamic, perspective.
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info... 212K .pdf
  Cleeremans, A. (2005).
L'Unité de la conscience.
In M. Cazenave (Ed.), De la science à la philosophie: Y a-t-il une unité de la connaissance?, Paris: Albin Michel, pp. 147-171.
info... 230K .pdf
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Temporal effects in sequence learning.
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info... 400K .pdf
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In R.M. French & A. Cleeremans (Eds.), Implicit Learning and Consciousness, Hove, UK: Psychology Press, pp. 1-40 ...
info... 144K .pdf
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info... Read Abstract | 406K .ps
  Cleeremans, A. (1997).
Principles for implicit learning.
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info... Read Abstract | .html | 130K .pdf | 682K .ps
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info... Read book information
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The representation of structure in explicit prediction tasks.
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info... 544K .ps
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The role of partial matches in comprehension : The Moses Illusion revisited.
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Journal Articles

Vandenberghe, M., Gaillard, V., Destrebecqz, A., Féry, P., & Cleeremans, A. (submitted).
Is slowing down better than speeding up? Exploring the effects of temporal factors on adult age differences in sequence learning.
info... This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  Vandenberghe, M., Fery, P. & Cleeremans, A. (submitted).
Disentangling perceptual and motor sequence learning: The importance of the motor component revisited.
info... This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  Delvenne, J., Cleeremans, A., & Laloyaux, C. (submitted).
Bigger than thought: The capacity of visual short-term memory in change detection tasks.
info... This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  Onnis, L., Destrebecqz, A., Christiansen, M., Chater, N. & Cleeremans, A. (submitted).
Processing nonadjacent contingencies: A graded, associative account.
info... This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  Cleeremans, A., & David, E. (in press).
Dans le cerveau d'Homer Simpson: La psychologie économique à l'heure du neuromarketing.
Le Travail Humain
info... 420K .pdf
  Cleeremans, A. (in press).
Consciousness: The radical plasticity thesis.
Progress in Brain Science
info... 332K .pdf
  Sarrazin, J.-C., Cleeremans, A., & Haggard, P. (in press).
How do we know what we are doing? TIme, Intention, and Awareness of Action.
Consciousness and Cognition
info... 1.1M .pdf
Laloyaux, C, Devue, C., Doyen, S., David, E. & Cleeremans, A. (in press).
Undetected changes in visible stimuli influence subsequent decisions.
Consciousness and Cognition
info... 752K .pdf
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Consciousness and metarepresentation: A computational sketch.
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info... 540K .pdf
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Time, action, and consciousness.
Human Movement Science, 26(2), 180-202.
info... 460K .pdf
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Cognitive control of sequential knowledge at 2 years of age: Evidence from an incidental sequence learning and generation task
Psychological Science, 18(3), 261-266.
info... 288K .pdf
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Change blindness to gradual changes in facial expressions.
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info... 4.1M .pdf
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First- and third-person approaches in implicit learning research
Consciousness and Cognition, 15, 709-722.
info... 412K .pdf
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info... 512K .pdf
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info... 228K .pdf
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info... 464K .pdf
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Implicit learning in a prediction task: Neither abstract nor based on exemplars.
Current Psychology Letters / Behaviour, Brain & Cognition, 17(3)
info... .html article
  Destrebecqz, A. & Peigneux, P., Laureys, S., Degueldre, C, Del Fiore, G., Aerts, J., Luxen, A., Van der Linden, M., Cleeremans, A., Maquet, P. (2005).
The neural correlates of implicit and explicit sequence learning: Interacting networks revealed by the process dissociation procedure.
Learning and Memory, 12(5), 480-490
info... 544K .pdf
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Intuitive decision making in complex situations: Somatic markers in an implicit artificial grammar learning task.
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info... 732K .pdf
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Computational Correlates of Consciousness.
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info... 528K .pdf
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Consciousness: Converging insights from connectionist modeling and neuroscience.
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info... 172K .pdf
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Processing Abstract Sequence Structure: Learning Without Knowing, or Knowing Without Learning?
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info... 440K .pdf
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Learned material content and acquisition level modulate cerebral reactivation during posttraining rapid-eye-movements sleep.
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info... 296K .pdf
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info... 996K .pdf
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Handlung und Bewusstsein: Ein Rahmenkonzept für den Fertigkeitserwerb
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info... 156K .pdf
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Can sequence learning be implicit? New evidence with the process dissociation procedure
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info... 400K .pdf
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info... 216K .pdf
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Implicit Learning out of the lab: The Case of Orthographic Regularities
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info... 164K .pdf
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info... 308K .pdf
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info... 2.3M .pdf
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info... 436K .pdf
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info... Read Abstract | 96K .pdf
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info... Read Abstract | 264K .pdf
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Sequence learning in a dual-stimulus situation
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info... Read Abstract | 1.44M .ps
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Current directions in implicit learning: Where is it that we were supposed to go again?
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info... Read Abstracts of the Special Issue that this paper is an introduction to |
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From chicken squawking to cognition: Levels of description and the computational approach in psychology
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info... Read Abstract | 180K .ps
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Comparing direct and indirect measures of implicit learning
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info... 1.1M .pdf
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... info... 5.2M .pdf
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Note: Reprinted in Honavar, V., & Uhr, L. (Eds.), Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks: Steps Toward Principled Integration. Boston: Academic Press (1994)
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info... Read on-line scanned version!
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